Ablation Artist Statement

Humanity's geological time frame is insignificant compared to the colossal geological movements of our earth. However, if time were irrelevant, I believe the earth's story would not be so different from our own. Although glaciers or mountains may seem inanimate, they are made up of the very chemicals that we are, the threads of all being. 

Intimidated by the immensity of my geological elders and intrigued by the strangeness of it all, I sought to uncover the humanity within them. As I observed the way the glaciers have melted and sublimated, the way mountainsides have eroded into sand, I saw one of the purest forms of the human experience--loss. 

In one moment, we find ourselves freely expanding into all that we are and the next find ourselves exposed, vulnerable and subject to the forces of this world. They swiftly bear down on our identity form every direction, leaving us in pieces. We all lose parts of ourselves to this world. We experience pain and sorrow that crumbles our being into mere minerals. 

Yet, emerging from that sacrifice of identity are the minerals that bring understanding--that sustain life. Ablation in the natural world is the life blood of our planet. In the same way, it is the ablation of our existence that is the substance of our purpose.